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The Beambridge Youth Funnel serves a range of purposes and has been designed for use in bed and out of bed. The product is moulded from a soft grippy plastic, which is easy to hold in place and comfortable against skin.


The Male Youth Funnels can be paired with Drainage Bags or Leg Bags.


Additionally, for men with sufficient mobility and continence, the funnels can be used to help as a director when urinating into a toilet. To improve accuracy further, the Beambridge Extension Tube can be purchased to add an additional 46cm length.


The Beambridge Youth Funnel / Medium Funnel is longer with a slightly less diameter than the Adult Funnel Short. Mid range funnel with the following dimensions:

Length: 150mm 

Diameter: 35mm



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menu to select your preferred options.


Bag Options

  • Drainage Bag (x1)
  • Leg Bag 500ml (x1)
  • Leg Bag 750ml (x1)
  • No Bag


Bags can also be purchased in batches of 10 on the Bags webpage.



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Beambridge Youth Funnel

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