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Our Story

Beambridge Medical Ltd has  gained a wealth of product experience within the urology market.

In the early 1990s they decided to develop a range of urinary devices that connected directly to a drainage bag. This offered the user a device that would let them pass a full bladder of urine into the device and out into the bag.

The clear advantage being that the contents were evacuated from the device immediately and therefore no spillage would occur.

A true benefit to the bed bound as the urinary device remained empty and ready for use again when required.

1994 saw the launch of Beambridge Medical with orders being placed with major disabled catalogue companies and the NHS Health Authorities throughout the U.K.

Continued developments from launch saw a diverse range of devices added to the portfolio and in 1999 the first Beambridge device (Bridge Urinal ) was accepted on NHS Drug Tariff.

After 25 years of trading Beambridge Medical has a full range of devices available on NHS Prescription for men, women, boys and girls 


The Beambridge range offers security and peace of mind to users of all ages and abilities. It improves quality of life and gives users independence and dignity.

Beambridge continues to develop new ideas and look forward to launching further innovative solutions in the near future.

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