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Urine Leg Bag,Urine container,Urine Drainage Bag, Beambridge Medical,500ml Leg Bag,750ml Leg Bag,2litre Drainage Bag,

Beambridge Leg Bags are designed for use out of bed and connect to urinals, funnels and sheaths. The bags can be attached to the user's leg using the elastic straps provided. The bag is divided into three distinct segments, allowing it to fit snuggly to the leg even when full.


Depending on selection, the bags collect up to 500ml or 750ml of fluid, which is passed from a urinal, funnel or sheath via a clear plastic tube. A non return valve in the bag ensures fluid remains contained once inside the Leg Bag. When desired, the fluid can be drained from the bag using the integrated tap.


The bags are delivered in multiples of 10 units.

The price shown is the total for 10 bags.



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred options.


Bag Capacity

  • Small: 500ml
  • Large: 750ml


Tube Length

  • Short: 10cm
  • Long: 30cm



Prescription Code

10cm tube, 500ml capacity: 6-70

10cm tube, 750ml capacity: 6-90

30cm tube, 500ml capacity: 6-75

30cm tube, 750ml capacity: 6-95


Chemist PIP Code

10cm tube, 500ml capacity: 297-6595

10cm tube, 750ml capacity: 373-9745

30cm tube, 500ml capacity: 297-6603

30cm tube, 750ml capacity: 373-9752

Leg Bag (x10)

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