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The Bridge Urinal is specifically designed for women to use in bed. The curved shell contours to the body allowing the woman to pass fluid easily into the chamber when sitting up or lying down. 


Total useable unit volume without a bag = 400ml.



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred options.


Tube Options


Bag Options

  • Drainage Bag (x1)
  • Leg Bag 500ml (x1)
  • Leg Bag 750ml (x1)
  • No Bag


Bags can also be purchased in batches of 10 on the Bags webpage.



Prescription Code

With Tap: 6-18T

Without Tap: 6-18


Chemist PIP Code

With Tap: 267-5304

Without Tap: 267-5296

Bridge Urinal

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