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Male Incontinence Sheath,Male Sheath System,External Catheter,Leg Bag, Urine Drainage,

The Beambridge Self Adhesive Sheath has been designed for use in and out of bed.  The sheaths stick to the skin and remain in place for the required period of time. The urine passes through the sheath and to a Leg Bag or Drainage Bag via a clear plastic tube.


The sheaths are sold in multiples of 30 units.

The price shown is the total for 30 sheaths.



Sizing Instructions

The sheaths come in a range of diameters. To measure the correct size:

  • Cut a strip of paper from an A4 sheet of paper (approx 20mm wide).
  • Pass the strip around the penis near the base.
  • Mark the circumference size on the paper.
  • Lay the paper strip flat and measure to the mark in mm.
  • Divide this value by 3 to find the diameter.
  •  As an example. If the overall length is 90mm then a division of 3 would be 30mm.Your choice would be the 31mm diameter sheath.
  • Select a sheath that is the same or slightly larger than your measured diameter.
  • Remember to choose a suitable sized leg bag to connect to the sheath.



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred options.


    Size Options

    • Diameter: 24mm
    • Diameter: 28mm
    • Diameter: 31mm
    • Diameter: 35mm
    • Diameter: 40mm


    Bag Options

    • Drainage Bag (x1)
    • Leg Bag 500ml (x1)
    • Leg Bag 750ml (x1)
    • No Bag



    Prescription Code

    • 24mm diameter : 6-S24
    • 28mm diameter : 6-S28
    • 31mm diameter : 6-S31
    • 35mm diameter : 6-S35
    • 40mm diameter : 6-S40


    Chemist PIP Code

    • 24mm diameter : 379-9087
    • 28mm diameter : 379-9095
    • 31mm diameter : 379-9103
    • 35mm diameter : 379-9111
    • 40mm diameter : 379-9129

    Beambridge Self Adhesive Sheath (x30)

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