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The Beambridge Pod is designed for use in and out of bed. The product is moulded from a soft grippy plastic, which is easy to hold in place and comfortable against skin. The Pod is an alternative to the Male Drainage Jug, but has a smaller diameter hole (35mm) and is more compact.


Total useable unit volume without a bag = 300ml.



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred options.


Tube Options


Bag Options

  • Drainage Bag (x1)
  • Leg Bag 500ml (x1)
  • Leg Bag 750ml (x1)
  • No Bag


Bags can also be purchased in batches of 10 on the Bags webpage.



Prescription Code

With tap: 6-60T

Without tap: 6-60


Chemist PIP Code

With tap: 347-3360

Without tap: 347-3352

Beambridge Pod

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