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Beambridge Bottle Bags are designed to be paired directly with either a large Male Funnel or a Lady Funnel (see images). Men also have the option to urinate directly into the bag. Unlike Drainage Bags and Legs Bags, the Bottle Bags do not have a connecting tube between the product and the bag. The bag has a maximum capacity of 750ml and a 45mm diameter screw top opening, which is used to seal the bag after use. 


The Bottle Bags are sold in multiples of 10 units.

The price shown is the total for 10 bags.



Purchase Options

Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred options.


Tube Options

  • 'With Tube and Tap' : Can be paired with a Drainage Bag or Leg Bag.
  • 'No Tube- Closed End' : Must be emptied into a toilet.



Prescription Code

With T Tap : 6-80

Without T Tap : 6-85


Chemist PIP Code

With T Tap : 371-0233

Without T Tap : 373-9760


Beambridge Bottle Bag (x10)

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