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We design and sell a range of light weight, hand held urinals, male urine bottles and urine bottles for females. Our systems also connect to drainage bags to allow for through flow from the bottle to the bag.

This benefits the user who requires to use it in bed and find it difficult reaching a toilet during the night. We aim to support  those who suffer from incontinence and/or mobility difficulties. The products can be prescribed through your doctor/district nurse or purchased directly on this website.​ Our urinals cater for a variety of different user needs. Please view the product descriptions to select the product that is right for you.

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Male Urinals

Our range of male urinals

Female Urinals

Our range of female urinals

Our range of drainage bags and urinal accessories

Drainage Bags & Accessories

If you are a nurse or doctor, please use the buttons below to view Beambridge Medical products available on the NHS Supply Chain website or to open the Beambridge Medical product range prescription leaflet. You are permitted to print or export the leaflet to your computer's local drive as a pdf file.

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Tel: 01483 571928 or 07831 693887

Monday-Friday  9.00-17.00

Beambridge Medical Ltd Guildford Surrey

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